Lunifer Smut o

"Give that back!" Lucifer shouted for the fourth time.
"Come and get it" Luna winked, Provoking him with her finger. And to her surprise she saw the gorgeous man in front of her running towards her and pushing her into the wall roughly with a soft thud, The object falling to the floor with a clank as well as a shattering vase that was nearby.
"I will" He growled in her ear, Grabbing her waist and pushing her up on the wall until she wrapped her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist. She bit his lip and in return he pushed her closer to the wall, Rubbing her outer-thighs and kissing her roughly until he turned and pushed her on the floor gently.
"Kinky tonight aren’t we?" She giggled.
"Aren’t I always?" He winked, Straddling her waist and leaning back down for a passionate kiss, As his hands found their way up her shirt cupping her bra firmly. His lips traced down to her neck and he sucked gently on the same spot he knew she always liked. Her soft moans filled his ear and he tore off her shirt kissing her neck and tracing her collarbones to her bra straps with kisses, Yanking the straps her shoulders roughly with his teeth and his hands unclipping the bra. He gazed down at her body and nibbled at her neck gently, Caressing her breasts softly until sitting up to take off his own shirt as her excited trembling hands fiddled with the buttons on his pants. He shook off his pants and began with hers, Pulling them down and tossing them in the corner then rubbing her inner thighs gently.
"Do you like that baby?" He asked, Knowing damned well that she did.
"C’mon… Stop teasing me" She groaned, Trying to keep her moan locked in her throat.
"Do you like that?" He asked a second time, Tracing his fingers on the outlines of her panties. 
"I love it" She moaned arching her back and closing her eyes, Needy for more. He gave it to her alright, She felt his hands rub more firmly on her inner thighs getting close to her girl parts, His teeth ripping her panties off hungrily, And it was only when she felt something much bigger than fingers fill her that her eyes snapped open and her back arched higher. He thrust into her, Her nails grabbing his back and digging in softly, Pulling him every inch as close to her as she could, Wrapping her legs around him.
"Oh! L-u-c-c-" She stuttered out as he thrusted again "Harder!"
"Shh…" He mustered out, Trying to keep his own voice controlled. He thrusted harder into her, Pulling her up to him and biting her lip and kissing her as he did so, Going faster and harder every time, His moans in sync with hers until the tingly senses gave in and one last loud moan filled both their ears. 
"I love you so much, Damn you Lucifer" She growled, Letting her back down and pulling him down on her.
"I love you too" He whispered, Letting himself fall against her, Wrapping her in his arms tightly with his forehead on hers.
"I love you, Forever" She whispered.
"Forever is a long time" He countered.
"It’d be like the turn of a sand glass to spend it with you" She said gently, Laying her head on his shoulder.